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Menya IoT Kit is  a development  board considered as “a Mobile Laboratory” used by students in STEM to learn Hardware programing and  Prototyping  projects all on a single board as a one-stop-shop.

Menya IoT Kit helps in developing prototype project for students to Test their ideas with emerging technologies

With Menya IoT kit you can build more than 40 projects on a single board

What you can build with your Menya IoT kit,

Home automation, home security, smart agriculture, smart factory, IoT dashboards, Physics Experiments, etc

Impact of Menya IoT kit

●We promote quality education (SDG 4) and practical Skills

●It will promote gender equality through inclusive remote learning 

●Tech avid disabled people to easily access technical knowledge

●There is demand of jobs in STEM and IoT is increasing; by 2030, 80% of jobs created will be in the STEM domain hence we aim to create quality jobs.

Menya IoT program participant
Get your Menya IoT kit and learn from home with a world class learning platform